Happy Birthday, Chiropractic!

Today marks the 122nd anniversary of the first chiropractic adjustment. The practice of chiropractic has come a long way in the past hundred years and is constantly growing. Chiropractic is now used worldwide and is becoming a part of
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Chocolate Avocado Cookies

I think everyone who has tried to diet or eat healthier has experienced at least one downfall. You know, that food you love that isn’t the best for you, but you crave all the time. Especially when you feel like you can’t have it! Well, if a rich,
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Eat This, Not That: Veggie Chili

Happy first day of fall! We are celebrating by making this awesome vegetarian chili. Chili is a great
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Sit Less, Move More: Negative Effects of Sedentary Behavior

We all know physical activity is important for our health. It helps us maintain a healthy body weight, keeps muscles and bones strong, and promotes good cardiovascular health. However, we don’t usually
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Are Opioid Drugs the Best Way to Manage Your Pain?

America is facing an opioid epidemic. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “opioids are medications that relieve pain. They reduce the intensity of pain signals reaching the brain and
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